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Visible Light Photoredox Catalysts

05 June 2024

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Visible Light Photoredox Catalysts

For more than a decade, photoredox catalysis has been demonstrating that when photoactive catalysts are irradiated with visible light, reactions occur under milder, cheaper, and environmentally friendlier conditions. Wide adoption of visible light photoredox catalysis has been dependent on access to efficient photocatalysts. We're pleased to support your photocatalysis endeavors to create new bonds and rapidly assemble complex products.

Transition Metal Photoredox Catalysts

Organic Photoredox Catalysts

Reaction examples mediated by visible light photoredox catalysts

(1) A bimolecular homolytic substitution (SH2) for quaternary sp3-carbon formation

(2) C(sp3)–H functionalizations of light hydrocarbons

(3) Reductive dehalogenation of aryl halides enabled by acridine radical photoredox catalysis

(4) Synthesis of rare sugar isomers through site-selective epimerization


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