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Applications of Oxazoline Ligands in Asymmetric Catalysis

29 June 2022

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Oxazoline ligands currently dominate in asymmetric synthesis, they have been extensively applied in a series of important metal-catalyzed enantioselective reactions.

Technical Notes:

Nickel/Photo-Cocatalyzed Asymmetric Acyl-Carbamoylation of Alkenes.[1]

Asymmetric Ni-Catalyzed Radical Relayed Reductive Coupling.[2]

Modular access to substituted cyclohexanes with kinetic stereocontrol.[3]

Enantioselective Electrocatalytic Cyanofunctionalization of Vinylarenes.[4]

Asymmetric Allylic C-H Alkylation via Palladium(II)/cis-ArSOX Catalysis.[5]

Available Ligands in BLDpharm.

1.PyOX Series

2.BOX Series

3.PHOX Series

4.SOX Series


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