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23 September 2022

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Organobotonates including Bneops, Bcats, Bpinanes as well as [c][1,2]oxaborol-1(3H)-ols have a small number and a large variety compared to Bpins and boronic acids.

Special [c][1,2]oxaborol-1(3H)-ols such as Tavaborole and Crisaborole are BPC. Tavaborole is an antifungal agent that protects against trichophyton and is effective in treating onychomycosis while Tavaborole is a non-steroidal phosphodiesterase 4 (PDE-4) inhibitor. They can also be building blocks used to induce 2-benzyl alcohol group.

Bneops can be used in heteroaryl−heteroaryl SM cross-coupling reaction and C-H activation reaction. Also, due to the good water and fat solubility, they can be applicated for drug delivery. Bis[(-)-pinanediolato]diboron is a chiral reactant and both catalyst.

They have a wide range of applications in pharmaceutical chemistry and synthesis of natural products as well as methodology research.


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